October 16, 2023


Human M1/M2 Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kit is launched

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Pyroptosis is a lytic cell death caused by gasdermin (GSDM)-mediated pore-forming. Studies have revealed that antitumor immunity can be induced by GSDME-mediated pyroptosis. Certain chemotherapeutic agents induce pyroptosis through Caspase-3 / GSDME pathway. Oncolytic parapoxvirus also induces GSDME-mediated pyroptosis. The pyroptotic cells lead to passive secretion of HMGB1 which in turn triggers immunogenic cell death (ICD) and antitumor immunity. GSDME-mediated pyroptosis becomes an emerging strategy for cancer therapy.

arigo offers antibody panels for GSDME-mediated pyroptosis and inflammasome-dependent pyroptosis to facilitate the research of cancer-associated pyroptosis.



GSDME-mediated Pyroptosis Antibody Panel

  • Includes Caspase-3 antibody for detecting both pro- and cleaved forms

  • Includes GSDME antibody for detecting both pro- and cleaved forms

  • Includes HMGB1 antibody for detecting lytic cell death

  • Works on humanmouse, and rat samples




HMGB1 ELISA Kits for detecting ICD


Immunogenic cell death (ICD) is sufficient to activate adaptive immune responses against tumor cells. A hallmark of ICD is the release of HMGB1 which promotes DC maturation, antigen presentation and subsequent CTL-mediated tumor cell killing. arigo offers comprehensive HMGB1 ELISA kits to facilitate the detection of ICD in human and mice.


More antibody panels for Pyroptosis


Pyroptosis Antibody Panel (ARG30330)

  • Caspase-1 antibody

  • GSDMD antibody

  • IL-1 beta antibody

NLRP3 Inflammasome Antibody Panel (ARG30331)

  • NLRP3 antibody

  • ASC antibody

  • Caspase-1 antibody

NLRC4 Inflammasome Antibody Panel (ARG30332)

  • NLRC4 antibody

  • ASC antibody

  • Caspase-1 antibody